GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — For Jay and Kateri Schwandt, the option to not find out the sex of their babies before they’re born is a choice the entire family relishes.

“It’s kinda part of the buildup for them,” Jay Schwandt said. “They enjoy it. Is it going to be a girl, is it going to be a boy? What if it’s a girl?

When baby No. 14 arrived Wednesday evening, the surprise was revealed. It’s a boy, the 14th for this family.

It isn’t the first time the birth of a baby has come with more than just diapers and duckies.

The Schwandts have gotten used to media requests and calls from the networks.

“I can’t imagine not being like this, I can’t imagine not having 14 children, as crazy as it sounds,” said Jay Schwandt.

The Schwandts have been in the limelight for years as their family of boys has grown.

But after the spotlights fade and the headlines are buried, they insist they’re a family just like any other.

“Not very many people understand what we do, it really is neat,” Jay Schwandt said. “Everything we do is about family, it’s centered around family.”

Still, enquiring minds want to know if baby No. 14 is the last one for this party of 16.

“This one, we’ve really relished everything that goes along with it even more because given our age and the fact that we have adult children, this realistically is the end of the road as far as making babies,” said Jay Schwandt.

They’ve said this before — after baby boy Nos. 12 and 13.

Right now, they’re just anxious to get this little one home to meet his brothers — all 13 of them.

“Each little one that has entered our family has brought something special to the entire makeup of the family and without anyone of them it wouldn’t feel right,” said Kateri Schwandt.

Lifetime Network is working on a documentary about the family that is set to be released in June.