ADA, Mich. (WOOD) — From New York to Ada, one South Lyon man is cycling for a cause he hopes will be recognized more.

Amateur cyclist Ganesh Shenoy rode his bicycle 1,000 miles over the span of a month. He did so to increase awareness and promote acceptance towards children with autism.

He began his ride at the New York City Freedom Tower. On Saturday just before 11:30 a.m. he finished his journey in Ada at the Amway World Headquarters.

Shenoy says that although he and his family are not directly impacted by autism, he sees families who are. He wants to be a helping hand for them and let them know they are seen.

“Don’t wait for ‘one day’ to give back and do something good. Do it every single day,” Shenoy said. “There is so much satisfaction which you get from giving that you will never get from receiving. That is something that I’ve learned in the last 30 days of my 1,000 mile bike ride.”

Shenoy said while it was challenging, the experience was amazing.

“It has enriched me, it has made it a better human and I would not trade this it up for anything else,” he said. “This of course has been challenging on my body, but it has been an amazing adventure. “

He has raised around $70,000 that will go towards Easterseals Michigan’s autism services. He also hopes to donate some of the money to homeless veteran services.