WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Multiple law enforcement agencies have launched a new task force focused on tracking and preventing patterned crime.

Detectives from the Kent County Sheriff’s Office, Kentwood and Wyoming police departments have formed the Metro Pattern Crime Team.

“Over the last several years, we’ve noticed significant (crime) patterns that are spanning across our cites and into the townships,” Kent County Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young said.

She said it’s these everyday crimes that often target victims at random.

“Car thefts are probably a great example,” she said. “We’ve talked a lot about catalytic converter thefts this year.”

With any crime pattern, law enforcement officials say you must act fast.

“What happens with patterned crimes is that they’ll continue until you catch them,” LaJoye-Young said. “So as much effort as we can put in the early onset of a pattern to catch them, the fewer victims we’re going to have as a result of their activity.”

MPCT will track a variety of patterned crimes.

“Catalytic converter thefts, but they’ll also look at armed robberies that seem to be a pattern or car jackings that are a pattern,” Wyoming Department of Public Safety Director Kim Koster said.

Whatever the crime, the agencies said working together yields better results.

“The cases that you are able to make are that much more significant, perhaps (charging someone with) criminal enterprise, instead of a property crime,” LaJoye-Young said.

While agencies working together isn’t anything new, MPCT marks the beginning of their official partnership.

“I’m very excited about that (and) I think it’s going to have a major impact on our ability to solve crime,” Koster said. “And when we solve crime, we do prevent crime, because when we hold someone accountable they’re not able to go back out and commit that crime.”

The sheriff said other local police departments and even federal agencies, like the FBI, will collaborate with the task force as needed and as resources allow.