BYRON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A credit card skimmer was found in a gas pump in Kent County Wednesday.

Kent County dispatchers say the device was found on a pump at the Mobil gas station located on 76th Street near US-131 in Byron Township. The owner of the gas station, J&H Oil, said the skimmer was found during a routine check of the pumps.

Skimmers are electronic devices that are hidden inside gas pumps and steal your credit or debit card information, allowing scammers to charge your account.

If you used the pumps at an affected gas stations, make sure you check your accounts to make sure you don’t have any erroneous charges.

Crooks often install skimmers on pumps farthest from gas station stores to avoid being spotted, so you’re best off using one close to the building and that the clerk can see from inside.

Additionally, many stations now put security seals over the doors to the pumps that change color or read “void” when they have been tampered with. If the sticker looks like it may have been removed, don’t use the pump and tell the station clerk.

And, of course, you can always simply pay inside.

If you notice anything abnormal on your credit card statement and think you may be the victim of a skimmer, call your credit card provider, local law enforcement or the Weights and Measures Division at 517.655.8202.