GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If you have a doctor’s appointment Friday, you may be able to keep it even with the bad weather.

The director of virtual care at Corewell Health West, formally Spectrum Health, said the health care system reached out to patients ahead of time, changing to online appointments.

“Patients have really appreciative of us being proactive, reaching out to them, and a lot of folks are actually choosing to switch,” said Michelle Rizor, the director of virtual health for Corewell Health. “Some folks have never had a virtual visit before and are going be trying it for the first time, while others have done this before and are very familiar with the process.”

Rizor noted that the online service does not work for all conditions, but if you are not very sick or injured, it’s a great option to avoid driving to the clinic and having to wait in the waiting room to see a health care worker.