CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — An injured woman and her frightened dog, who was lost in the cold for two nights, have been reunited after dozens of strangers stepped up to help.

Anne Aldrich rescued Sadie, an Akita-Chow-terrier mix, from a shelter back in May of last year.

The two had become inseparable until a car crash last Thursday afternoon.

It happened as Anne was taking Sadie to the veterinarian’s office. She was pulling into Cascade Hospital for Animals when her car was hit.

Anne was trapped and seriously injured with a broken sternum. Sadie was scared.

“The back hatch, the window crashed open and Sadie was whimpering. She was scared and she jumped out that back hatch window,” Anne’s daughter Sarah said.

A firefighter tried to catch Sadie, but she was gone.

That’s when caring citizens using social media got involved.

With Anne recovering at the hospital, family members including Anne’s husband and daughter Haley began searching the area for Sadie.

Home with her 2-month-old, Sarah couldn’t join in the search. So, she started posting on Facebook and the Nextdoor app.

“It was incredible to see how people responded,” Sarah said. “We started seeing responses from strangers — people we’d never met before who lived in the area. “

For the next day and a half, those total strangers got in their vehicles, searching areas around the crash site for any signs of Sadie.

Sightings were shared on social media, but days turned to nights, and Sadie was still out there. But no one gave up, including Pam Noble.

“That’s what you want to do for others. And that’s what you want back,” Noble said.

On Saturday, there were more sightings. By now, Noble was monitoring the search on social media. Sadie was spotted again.

Pam recognized the street, Thorncrest Drive, less than a mile from the crash site. She pointed Anne’s daughter Haley, who was searching nearby Tassel Park, in the direction.

“And I said get over to the other side and go back to Thorncrest and try to go back as far as you can because it sounds like it’s running along the river,” Noble said.

Minutes later, Sadie was found. A neighbor who heard about the search saw her in his yard and was able to hold on to her.

Other than a little cut on her snout, Sadie was OK and ready for her emotional reunion with Anne.

“She was so happy. She’d been dreaming about her. She didn’t sleep very well the night before. And the next night, my dad said she slept fantastic because Sadie was in her dog bed next to their bed,” Sarah said. “With everything that’s going on right now, things are tough. But, it made us feel so good about our community and that people are willing to do good things for us — for strangers.”