WALKER, Mich. (WOOD) — The city of Walker is growing, bringing new jobs and housing to the area. Mayor Gary Carey said the city’s theme this year is “building our future.”

Changes at the DeltaPlex, which has created new industrial jobs, is just one of the many projects with a “transformative nature,” Carey said.

“We’re excited about it, and it does not look the same inside I can promise you that,” he said.

A stretch along 4 Mile Road is seeing a lot of development, bringing many stable industrial jobs to the area, the mayor said.

Carey said work is underway to redevelop the former location of Lincoln Country Club. The redevelopment will bring several single-family and multi-family homes to the city.

Construction is slated to start in 2025 to update the Fruit Ridge Avenue Bridge over I-96, he said. State lawmakers recently approved $25 million in funding to expand and modernize the overpass.

That project is especially important as there are around 15,500 jobs within a two-mile radius of the bridge, Carey said.

For the full conversation with Walker Mayor Gary Carey, watch the video in the player above.