GAINES TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Gaines Township Supervisor Rob DeWard is asking the same question many are asking as they have watched Amazon’s $150 million fulfillment center go up along 68th and Patterson — when is it going to open? 

“We have been keeping an eye on it,” DeWard said. “I drive by there probably once a week just to see the progress.” 

On Thursday, Amazon spokesperson confirmed to News 8 that the center will open in 2020, but the company is not providing a date. 

DeWard reached out to Amazon as well. 

 In an email to DeWard, a company representative wrote:

“It’s common for us to adjust launch timetables based on capacity needs across the network. For this reason, we keep our launch dates flexible to account for shifts in schedules.”

“They are hesitant to give us an exact date. They are planning on 2020,” DeWard said. 

When it does open, DeWard is concerned with how some workers will get here. 

Pay for the 1,000 jobs expected to be filled are starting at $15 an hour with benefits.

DeWard wants to make sure the people who need those jobs the most, especially those who don’t have a car, can take advantage of them. 

“We’re looking into possibly providing some kind of bus transportation,” DeWard said. 

Right now, the closest bus line is several miles to the west, near Kalamazoo and M-6.

DeWard says he is talking with other local officials about extending Rapid service to the area. 

“We would like to see maybe a link with Division Avenue, where you have the Silver line that goes north and south,” DeWard said. “If that link were created, I think it would create a lot of opportunities for residents who may not have good transportation.”