ALGOMA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Algoma Township residents voiced concerns Tuesday night over a decision that will be put to voters in May.

On the ballot will be the choice of whether to leave Kent District Library and start a millage for creating the township’s own library or to stay with KDL.

Tuesday night, the board heard from residents on both sides.

“It’s not going to save me money if I spend money on gas or I just go buy the book because I can’t go get it,” said one resident. “I think it’s time for them to be courageous to show people at the library that it is valuable and important to all of us. Vote no May 2nd. No, we do not want to leave KDL and I think the board is hearing us loud and clear.”

Some want to leave the district over concerns for their tax dollars.

“We are going to say yes leave the KDL, yes to actually taking control of $700,000 of our taxpayer money and actually utilize it for something that is good that we can actually build in our own community, Algoma Township,” said another resident.

The Algoma Township board told residents it has been discussing the potential switch since 2018. Board members said they have been transparent and will continue to listen and work with the community.

“We heard you, I heard you for sure. I’m sorry if we didn’t do things better, but we can do better going forward. We are taking steps internally to do that,” said Algoma Township Supervisor Kevin Green. “We just ask that you continue being present and genuine with us. This is Algoma Township and if we can figure this out, maybe the rest of the world can.”

The Algoma Township vote will happen May 2.