CALEDONIA, Mich. (WOOD) — It’s been two weeks since customers reported problems checking out at Meijer stores across the Midwest and some of those people are still owed money.

Hundreds of people were charged multiple times for their purchases. After being told the problem would be resolved, some say it hasn’t been.

“I’m entirely on my own with this,” Fredrick Fleishmann told News 8 Monday. “There’s been total silence by everybody on the issue.”

Fleischmann was overcharged for two purchases he made on May 21 and May 23, totaling over $500. That’s despite getting receipts saying his transactions were declined. Speaking with is bank was no help, he said.

Receipts show Fredrick Fleischmann’s transactions were declined, but he said he was charged multiple times.

“They won’t credit anything back because they say Meijer is working on it,” he said.

News 8 reached out to Meijer several times for a comment Monday and before a report about the processing problems last month but has not heard back directly.

A spokesperson with the Better Business Bureau says its office has been in contact with store representatives, who sent them the following statement on May 24:

“This past weekend we experienced issues with our credit/debit card processing due to a technical issue with our processing partner, Chase Bank. While the issue has been resolved, we realize it caused tremendous inconvenience for some of our customers and we sincerely apologize for that. Chase has assured us that many of the customer accounts have already been credited, and any remaining affected customers should receive their funds in the coming days.”

May 24 statement from Meijer to BBB

On Monday, News 8 asked Chase Bank how it was handling the issue, how many people have yet to receive their refunds and if customers would receive their money back if their cards were charged more than twice. This was the entirety of the bank’s response:

“We are very sorry for the inconvenience this caused our merchant clients and their customers. As of 4 pm ET on May 21, card processing was restored. Our teams are working on reversals of any duplicate transactions.”

Chase Bank

Fleischmann said it’s not just about losing hundreds of dollars, it’s about the lack of concern from his bank and Meijer.

“Overall, people have been polite but very cavalier and unhelpful,” he said. “People are refusing to acknowledge that there is a serious problem.”

Fleischmann has received some of his money back but not all, so he took matters into his own hands. He filed a report with the Kent County Sheriff’s Department and a lawsuit against Meijer that is due in court next month. He also reached out to the Michigan Attorney’s General Office and the Federal Trade Commission.

He said things wouldn’t have had to go this far had Meijer acted sooner.

“In my perspective the best way for Meijer … and any store that had this problem would be to simply have a little table there by the customer service desk that says if you had a problem on May 21, you come here and we’ll solve it before you leave,” Fleischmann said. “That would be the best way to handle it.”