CANNON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Skiers of all abilities enjoyed a fun winter day out on the slopes of Cannonsburg Ski Resort Saturday thanks to the Cannonsburg Challenged Ski Association.

About 20 skiers of all ages with handicaps and 40 volunteers outfitted with adaptive ski equipment enjoyed the fresh snow.

Some riders face blindness, hearing impairments, cerebral palsy or autism. What some may see as disabilities, Josh Szymański, Cannonsburg Challenged Ski Association volunteer, sees as abilities and opportunities to get out of your comfort zone.

“It’s really rewarding, its a great chance to help somebody with something that, you have a skill set for and get them out here and help and when you see the look on their face, during the middle of the winter to have them be able to get outside, it’s really rewarding,” Szymański said. “The equipment is expensive but its all free for the day for those that need it and their families.”

The Adaptive Mary Free Bed Kentwood Parks & Rec Clinic at Cannonsburg happens every year, its a great opportunity for those who may never have the chance to ski without the help of the adaptive equipment or the volunteers who help.