ADA, Mich. (WOOD) — Colorful art will take center stage in Ada Village for the next couple of months. The 34 original pieces were all made by kids like 8-year-old Susanna Gessler.

“It’s two hands forming a heart,” she said of her piece that is featured in the window of Five Star Realty off Ada Drive. It depicts both a hand from a person of color and a hand of a Caucasian person joining together. Susanna said that when the two hands form a heart, she wanted people to know that everyone is equal. An inspirational quote or word of advice written by the artists accompanies each respective piece.

The colorful art experience is part of Story StROLL’s pilot program. Story StROLL brings accessible art exhibitions to area neighborhoods. Event producer Cynthia Hagedorn said she was inspired to roll out these pieces after her work at area hospitals. Some local patients, who use art as a form of therapy, also have artwork featured in downtown Ada.

“It’s really important because we want to make sure this art is accessible,” Hagedorn said. “That people can see it, view it, be able to cherish it within the community. And not just in a way where you would go into a gallery.”

The 34 Ada Businesses participating selected a piece that spoke to their mission. Realtor Martin Uchendu said he hand-selected Susanna’s piece because it represented equality.

“One of the things that touched me is when she said… love is for everybody. So that meant a lot to me,” Uchendu said.

The artwork will be displayed until Sep. 4, which gives Susanna and her family time to revisit her newest accomplishment.