WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Friends and family are remembering 21-year-old Jared Gossage of Wyoming after he died in a motorcycle crash early Sunday morning. On Wednesday, hundreds of people gathered at the spot of the crash to pay their respects and honor his life.

“He’s a kind soul. Everyone is going to remember him forever,” said Tyler Shepard, a friend of Gossage.

The crash happened on Cesar E. Chavez Avenue SW, near Beacon St. Police said the driver who hit him was an 18-year-old Oklahoma man. After the crash, he and three others who were in the vehicle fled the scene.

“It wasn’t even his fault, at all,” explained Andrew Jones, a friend of Gossage. “That’s why it sucks towards us because it wasn’t an accident.”

All week, people who were close to and knew Gossage have been honoring his life. According to Jones, Gossage has been riding motorcycles for a while and it was something he enjoyed.

An undated photo of Jared Gossage (Courtesy)

“When we got into this bike-life stuff, you know, starting riding bikes together and everything … He was doing great on it,” said Jones. “It was crazy to see him really advance, in a fast way too. Just a great person to be around. Always uplifting, always trying to get you to do better.”

Early Thursday morning, a memorial that remains at the spot Gossage passed caught fire. The Grand Rapids Fire Chief confirmed it was an accident, and that the fire was caused by a candle from the memorial that was lit, and had fallen over.

Jones shared a message to drivers when it comes to making room on the road for motorcyclists.

“Give people space,” said Jones. “Cut off all distractions. Eating, on your phone.”