WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — The man accused of stabbing two people at a Meijer in Wyoming told police he knew he was going to attack someone when he stole knives from his daughter, court documents show.

The 57-year-old suspect faces two counts of assault with intent to murder and a count of carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent as a fourth-offense habitual offender.

The stabbing happened shortly before 8 p.m. Monday at the Meijer store on Clyde Park Avenue near US-131. Two Wyoming men, who police say were attacked at random, were injured.

In a probable cause document filed with the court Wednesday, the Wyoming Department of Public Safety said one of the victims, a 74-year-old man, was stabbed in the back and the knife punctured his lung. He remained hospitalized Wednesday.

The other victim, a 19-year-old, sustained stab wounds to the center of his back and right forearm, as well as slashes to his left shoulder and upper arm. He was given stitches and sent home to recover.

The court document says the attack was caught on surveillance camera. While police have released video of the suspect at the Meijer earlier Monday, they have not released video from around the time of the attack.

One shopper inside the store, Tyler Truong, said he remembers seeing the suspect before it happened.

“Once I saw that security footage of him and figured out that I had walked by him in the store, it was definitely eye-opening, shocking and something that I would’ve never expected to happen when I was just going to the store to get cat food,” Truong said.

He said the only thing that stood out about the suspect was his outfit.

“I vividly remember walking past him and thinking that’s a strange ensemble, but I didn’t think anything of it after that,” Truong said.

Grand Rapids police arrested the suspect early on Tuesday. He was carrying three knives, the court document says. Wyoming detectives said he confessed to the stabbing and said he took the knives from his daughter’s house with the intent of hurting someone.

News 8 is not using the name of the suspect because he has not yet gone before a judge for arraignment. Police previously said he was homeless and was known to frequent the Meijer.

Michigan State Police records show the suspect was convicted in 1991 of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. He was also arrested last summer for misdemeanor retail fraud, but MSP records don’t show any charges actually being filed in that case.

Kent County Probate Court documents from November 2015 also show doctors diagnosed the suspect with schizophrenia after he said he had been hearing voices. Before going to the hospital, the probate documents say, the suspect had experienced a “period of significant aggression.”

Arraignment on the charges stemming from the stabbing was initially expected to happen Wednesday but was delayed. If convicted on the new charges, the suspect faces life in prison.

— News 8’s Jacqueline Francis contributed to this report.