PORTAGE, Mich. (WOOD) — Nearly 10 years after opening, The Sangria Shop in Portage will close its doors.

The business on Portage Road at Forest Drive made the announcement Saturday on its Facebook page.

Co-owner Fernando Costas told News 8 that of all his experiences as a small business owner, he most values “the people I met through this adventure.”

He said the effects of the pandemic led to the pending closure. He said he had been financing the business from his own savings, which wasn’t sustainable.

“Do not get me wrong, when this started a lot of people came to support us and many other small businesses. But let’s face it, how can you support a local business when they are cutting down your hours or you were just let go? There were reports of alcohol sales skyrocketing but that was for big companies, not us,” Costas said.

He hopes it will be a temporary closure and he will be able to open again in the future. For now, he says the business will finish fermenting the grape juice it has in stock, bottle the current wine/sangria that is finishing and keep selling products.

Costas said The Sangria Shop is looking forward to attending its last festival, the 2022 Ella Sharp Museum Festival on June 11. At the same spot in 2019, it won the Sip Showdown.

“I made quite a few friends over the years. Some I will see each year at a special event or while they were on their way to their vacation. Some of them have seen my kids grow up at the Sangria Shop and I have seen their kids grow up too,” Costas said.

The Sangria Shop’s last day of operation will be June 30.