PORTAGE, Mich. (WOOD) — The city of Portage will be getting a lump sum from the state towards one of its park projects.

Lexington Green Park has seen some additions over the years, including a bike skills course back that was installed in 2018. Now, it’s going to see some renovations with $500,000 from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

“This is a project that we’ve been trying to get off the ground,” said Kathleen Hoyle, the Portage parks and recreation director. “Very excited to get it going.”

The grant money from the state’s Land and Water Conservation Fund will help build a new pavilion with restrooms, a playground, a third parking area, a repaved walking trail, more lighting and better landscaping.

Hoyle said the renovations are an absolute must for one of the city’s oldest parks.

“It has needed an upgrade,” Hoyle said. “We want to bring in some new walking loops, which were asked for by the neighbor’s association. This park was designed in conjunction with the neighbors around the park. A lot of their design needs — new playgrounds, walking loops, passive space and active space for different generations and different types of needs — have all been incorporated into the park.”

The funding is welcoming news for Samuel Brito, who has called Portage home for seven years and considers Lexington Green the city’s best park.

“Any addition onto what we already have with the natural beauty of the area is going to be really welcome,” Brito said. “We’ve made use of this park (since) year one. It was just really close to the house, so it’s really nice to walk out here, have a good time and enjoy nature.”

The city says the renovations are expected to be done by fall of 2024.