KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Investigators say they don’t know why a man opened fire at Kalamazoo’s central bus station over the weekend, injuring three people before being shot dead by responding officers, but they do know he had a history of mental illness.

Michigan State Police and the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety held a press conference Wednesday morning to release bus surveillance and body camera video of the Saturday shooting at the Kalamazoo Transit Center at Kalamazoo Avenue and Burdick Street.

Bus surveillance cameras captured the sound of gunshots around 9:11 a.m. then show a man sprinting toward a bus, closely followed by 54-year-old Anthony Oliver, who was holding his gun out in front of him. Oliver stepped onto the bus but was pushed back by the man he had been chasing before the driver closed the doors to keep him out.

Oliver moved away, then seemed to come back toward the bus. Shouting can be heard, but it’s difficult to tell from the video who was shouting or exactly what they were saying. The driver can be heard reporting that Oliver was trying to get on the bus.

At other times in the video, Oliver can be seen walking by some people, not shooting at them. He then started running and someone can be heard saying, “He’s running after security.”

A total of three victims were shot and injured.

Several people called 911 and KDPS officers were at the bus station within two minutes, investigators say.

Bodycam video shows that as one officer started to near Oliver, there was the sound of gunfire. The officer then lifted his gun and returned fire. Oliver was shot in a brief exchange of gunfire. He died later at the hospital.

KDPS Chief Vernon Coakley praised his officers for their speedy response and action to prevent further harm. He offered well wishes to the victims injured, all of whom have been released from the hospital. He offered condolences to Oliver’s family.

Police don’t know Oliver’s motive, Michigan State Police Lt. Shane Criger said at the press conference. But Criger added that in 2018, Oliver was admitted to a mental hospital for evaluation after saying he wanted die by “suicide by cop.” It’s unclear what treatment he may have gotten in 2018 or since then.

The gun used was not registered to Oliver. MSP said it passed through three sets of hands since its last registered owner, and that last registered owner was not involved in the shooting.

MSP is investigating because the local officers used deadly force. All three officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave while it is investigated. All of that is standard procedure.

Investigators want to hear from anyone who was at the bus station at the time of the shooting. If you were there or have any information about what happened, you’re asked to call the MSP tipline at 844.642.8384 or email MSP-51tips@michigan.gov.

The union representing bus drivers has called for armed security at the bus station. Metro Transit Executive Director Sean McBride says the organization will collaborate with employees, the Amalgamated Transit Union and the public on solutions to provide the safest experience for passengers.

“We’re going to… look at those systems to make sure we can make any changes we need to moving forward,” McBride said. “This has been extremely hard on not just my employees at Metro, but the passengers of Metro.”

—News 8’s David Horak contributed to this report.