KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Remembering the man killed at a Kalamazoo convenience store on Thursday as loving and funny, family members say they are at a loss for words, facing a new reality.

“He was big on family. He was big on a lot of things,” Tyrone Potts’ daughter Karmela Carter told News 8 on Friday. “He was funny. (He) was my best friend.”

Potts’ family said his love for family was shown through the many DIY projects he did and his contagious sense of humor, as if he was a real-life cartoon character.

“He was really funny. It’s like, basically, we had our own TV show with him,” Sa’Nyn Woods, one of Potts’ five children, said.

“He comes in, he pulls up: ‘Mama, what are you doing?’ I’ll be like, ‘What do you want?’ He’ll be like, ‘I love you, girl,’ You could not stay mad at him,” Potts’ stepmother Charise McPherson said. laughed.

“He loved to dance. He was a character… One of a kind,” McPherson continued. “I could call him for anything. His sisters could call him for anything. He was coming at the drop of a hat, he didn’t care.”

Potts’ family said that on Thursday morning, he was on his way to get auto parts to fix his sister’s truck when he was shot at a convenience store parking lot on West Lovell Street and Oakland Drive. Surveillance video from a nearby home shows a white SUV pull up next to a black SUV in the parking lot. Seconds later, nine shots can be heard. The video then shows the white SUV pull out of the parking lot and drive away. Potts was killed and another man was injured.

Potts’s family said they have no idea who could have done it, nor do they know who he was with at the time.

“They’ll never know what they took from us. They took my baby and it hurts,” McPherson cried. “My grandkids, they’ve got to grow up without a dad. His sons, they’ve got to grow up without a father figure.”

As they wait for answers, the family says they will keep his memory alive forever.

“(I’ll miss) him taking me to school, going on trips and go to stores,” Woods said tearfully.

“He might not have been something to a lot of people. But to us, that was our son … that was our baby,” McPherson added.

As of Friday afternoon, police were still looking for the vehicle of interest in the shooting: a white Dodge Journey with Michigan license plate 7PJS08.