KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — An event happening all over the country this week is all about supporting after-school activities for kids.

The event, Keeping the Lights on After School, will take place on Thursday. It’s part of a push to promote productive and healthy after-school activities for young students.

One of the organizations taking part in the event in West Michigan is the Kalamazoo Youth Development Network. They partnered with PNC Bank to help make the event happen.

Meg Blinkiewicz, the executive director for the Kalamazoo Youth Development Network, spoke with News 8 about what kind of celebrations people can expect.

“We will be celebrating with young people ages Kindergarten to College age in different locations around Kalamazoo,” she said. “(They will gather to) celebrate, to build awareness. They are writing letters to elected officials, to community members, and they will be marching through their neighborhoods, cheering and chanting. It’s such an energizing event.”

More information can be found at kydnet.org.

Cities across West Michigan are also taking part, including Grand Rapids. During a meeting on Tuesday, Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalyn Bliss presented the group Our Community’s Children, the ELO Network and Grand Rapids Public Schools with a proclamation commemorating the event.