KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — The word ‘winterizing’ might bring to mind snow tires, deicing fluid, and checking the furnace. However, when it comes to lawns and gardens, a landscaper in Kalamazoo recommends netting or wrapping some trees to prevent them from attracting certain four-legged antlered friends.

Deer eat arborvitae, which changes before and after they consume its grub.

“Even if the deer don’t eat them in the summertime, they’ll go after them in the wintertime — if they get hungry enough, depending on the population,” Vlietstra said.

When it comes to the green on the ground, Adam Vlietstra recommends feeding it high potassium fertilizer.

Furthermore, he recommends trimming it down to two or two and a half inches in order to prevent other pests from coming around.

“Not only is it the fungus that can grow in the winter that can cause bare spots in the spring, but moss too,” Vlietstra said.

To ensure that irrigation systems are ready for spring, Vanlietstra recommends blowing out their sprinklers to remove any buildup.