KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — The city of Kalamazoo is planning to demolish a pavilion at a park due to ongoing trash and vandalism.

The pavilion is located north of downtown, along the Jack Coombs Trailway near Harrison Street and Gull Road.

A city of Kalamazoo spokesperson explained the reasoning stems from “extensive” ongoing vandalism to the pavilion and “continued illegal trash dumping” on and around the site.

“The decision was not made lightly, but it was necessary,” he said.

In April, the Kalamazoo River Alliance had to cancel its summer cleanup of the surrounding park due to drug paraphernalia and “biohazardous waste” lying around, which would’ve been dangerous for volunteers. In a Facebook post, the nonprofit said the trail was trashed again just a week after the city cleaned it up at the time.

“Demolishing the pavilion isn’t a solution, it’s admitting defeat,” ended the post.

Leaders with the Kalamazoo River Alliance told News 8 the pavilion is expected to be demolished sometime within the next week.