PORTAGE, Mich. (WOOD) — A kitten is safe after it was seen thrown out of the window of a moving vehicle, the Portage Department of Public Safety posted on Facebook.

“When the kitten was seen mid-air, several cars slammed on their brakes to avoid hitting it,” the department told News 8.

A passerby thought the stopping was due to a crash, and called police to the scene on Westnedge Avenue near Romence Road Parkway on Saturday morning.

When first responders arrived, a witness said they saw someone in the car throw the kitten from their window. Heather Ransbottom is one of the drivers that stopped for the kitten.

“I jumped out of my car to hopefully catch the kitten, but it had already taken refuge in my rear tire and would not come back out on its own,” she said.

The kitten was lodged between the frame and suspension by the time responders got there. A firefighter crawled underneath the vehicle to find it, and the kitten appeared to be unharmed. The kitten was turned over to the driver of the vehicle where it had been stuck, said the department.

Ransbottom says she plans to keep the kitten.

“I’ve been praying that I would find a kitten to rescue and today was the day!” she said.

“We think Lucky would be a good name for the kitten,” the Facebook post from the department read.

Ransbottom said that while she agrees that Lucky would be a good name, she already has a dog called Lucky. For now, she is waiting until she knows whether the cat is a male or a female to choose a name.

News 8 is working to see if police are looking for the vehicle that the cat was reportedly thrown out of.