KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Police in Kalamazoo are beginning to crack down on “mobile nuisance parties.” 

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Chief Vernon Coakley said those living nearby have had enough.

“They’re being held captive in their own neighborhoods and, more particular, in their homes,” said Coakley. “The behavior is drinking, loud music. Sometimes there’s fights, those get into the fray about that. But in particular, people are in people’s private homes, in their yards, on their streets, at midnight all the way to 6 a.m.”

Coakley said his department’s regular call volume doubles because of the parties that frequent the northside neighborhoods, particularly the Ada and Woodberry corridor. During a party on May 24, which was captured on camera by a KDPS drone video, EMS personnel could not get to a medical call because the party was blocking the roads.

“With those vehicles there, we have to literally get out of our vehicles, leave them (and) bring enough equipment that we can to render aid. That’s unacceptable,” Coakley said.

Last month, 10 people were arrested by KDPS following large crowds on South Howard near Stadium and Woodbury near Westnedge, with the youngest being a 16-year-old girl. But Coakley said those involved could be even younger.

“This has now dipped into the lower ages of 12 years old,” Coakley said. “We’re not talking about just adults anymore, we’re talking about young juveniles who should be at home, in their beds, having a good night’s rest, including these adults.”

Police say they are beginning to crack down on the parties by sending out warning letters. They say they could tow vehicles or make arrests.

“We want people to comply with the city ordinance that we have in the mobile nuisance party. If you do not do that — informing and educating — as a last resort, we will then enforce the ordinance,” Coakley said.

Coakley added it won’t just be his department. Law enforcement from Kalamazoo Township, Portage, Western Michigan University, the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office and Michigan State Police will also be helping.