KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — The city of Kalamazoo is making changes to signage in its neighborhoods for safety reasons.

Yield signs are usually seen at roundabouts, but there is no shortage of them at typical 4-way intersections within city limits. In total, Kalamazoo has about 400 yield signs, but traffic engineers are looking to reduce that number.

Except for roundabouts, city traffic engineer, Dennis Randolph, says stop signs will replace yield signs posted throughout the city.

“It seems that people really don’t know what (yield signs) are today … We might as well put a stop sign in,” Randolph said. “People know what stop signs mean. Sometimes, they ignore them, but they know what they mean.”


Randolph says at least 10% of crashes within city limits happen at intersections with yield signs. While not minor in nature, it is still a noticeable trend.

“It depends on the neighborhood and the street that they’re on. Most of them are buried inside residential neighborhoods, so they tend to be low speed,” Randolph explained. “Sometimes, they aren’t even reported, but they happen.”

Kalamazoo homeowner Sue Hall said she and her beagle, Barney, are on edge when out for their routine stroll. She and another neighbor added that drivers passing through go way too fast for comfort. They believe the replacement is a step in the right direction.

“I think that will definitely help,” Hall said. “I’m not aware of a lot of yield signs anymore, to tell you the truth. They have put in more 4-way stops in the neighborhood, which is a good idea.”

According to Randolph, all yield signs at traditional 4-way intersections will be replaced within the next three years.