KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — A Kalamazoo man has been sentenced to serve more than two decades in prison for a rape he committed in 2009.

Jamaal Joshua Vincent, 38, was convicted in October on two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct. On Wednesday he was sentenced to serve 25 to 50 years in prison for the first count and 20 to 40 years for the second count, the Michigan Department of Attorney General said in a release. He will serve the sentences concurrently.

Vincent’s charges stemmed from an investigation by the Kalamazoo County Sexual Assault Kit Initiative.

The victim was 18 at the time of the assault and immediately reported it to police, the Michigan Department of Attorney General said. It said her sexual assault kit was not submitted  for testing until 2016.

“Justice has now really been served,” the victim said in a victim impact statement. “I can now go and get gas and I won’t see you at the pump as I pull up to the gas station. I won’t have to see you at all. You deserve all of what comes to you and more. Now, every day while sitting in that small cell behind bars, you will realize all the hurt you did to me and the other two women. Maybe even more. It feels like so much weight being lifted off my shoulders now.” 

Vincent is awaiting trial for two other criminal sexual conduct cases. Both happened within 14 months of the Oct. 2009 assault, officials say.

Those two women testified during the trial last month. Both submitted victim impact statements for the sentencing.

“I hope you understand the value of time, I hope you understand the mental trauma that we all are dealing with, and I hope you understand that this man is in fact a terrorist and the only hope that I have left, lays in your hands,” one said in part. “The justice system failed us ten years ago, although your sentencing will never give me time back, hopefully it will help me mentally knowing he is gone for good.” 

“I’m 100% sure my life would have turned out a little bit different, if Jamaal hadn’t done what he did to me,” the other said in part. “Jamaal is a sick individual.”