KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — County commissioners have decided they will name the new justice center in downtown Kalamazoo after Judge Charles A. Pratt, the county’s first Black judge.

County leaders were previously told the price tag for the new signage would be “substantial,” which postponed any motion until the exact amount was figured out. With $2.5 million in project contingency funds, they learned this week the estimates to create signage with Pratt’s name are just below $20,000 — exterior costs at $13,400 and interior at $6,500.

“The process where it was going to create a huge cost was if those letters had already been drilled. They hadn’t. So, the building is not in the status as it was initially when they were thinking that,” said Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting.

Commissioners ended up approving the name change 5-3 Tuesday night. County staff said the new signage will not be installed before the justice center opens to the public on Dec. 11.

In the meantime, temporary signage bearing Pratt’s name will be up until the justice center’s ceremonial opening this spring.