KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — The clock is slowly ticking for local governments to discuss, finalize and approve budgets for the next cycle. Following final presentations, Kalamazoo County commissioners have big decisions to make regarding theirs.

Commission Chair Michael Quinn said the final presentations from various county agencies, including the sheriff’s and prosecutor’s offices, shed more light on how dire staffing shortages and some critical operations are.

But Quinn added that tough choices will have to be made depending on requests’ urgency, importance, expense and potential impact.

“I would say with virtual certainty — and this happens every year — unless the finance department has the winning Powerball ticket, we’re not going to be able to fulfill every request,” Quinn said.

County Administrator Kevin Catlin added the county is still transitioning to its new enterprise resource planning system, which houses financial information, among other vital operations. Phase one, which deals with installing the crucial components, is expected to be done by the end of September. He explained that it will not compromise the budget’s implementation once approved, even saying that commissioners have plenty of time to talk it out.

“Actually, it’s advantageous for us to adopt that budget by Sept. 20, which is our current timeline,” Catlin said. “That way, we can get the correct reports to the state to ensure that our revenue sharing is at the level it needs to be instead of having to delay it at the end of the year.”

Even with half of the commission in their first term, Quinn says he is optimistic they will pass the budget on time, as thorough discussions begin in the next couple of days.