KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Several West Michigan bands will be rocking out to a good cause next week.

A group of Western Michigan University students, who are members of the alternative psychedelic band Mushroom Jam, are working to put on a concert in Kalamazoo to benefit the homeless community.

The concert, happening Oct. 15 at Davis Street Park, is free. Attendees are being asked to bring canned foods and clothes that will be donated to help Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries.

The students are partnering with the Vine Neighborhood Association to put on the event. Band members said they were inspired to do the show because of the people in their neighborhood.

“We do get a lot of homeless people coming by. And usually they’re all really nice and they’re just asking, ‘hey is there anything you could do to help me out a little bit?’ And it sucks to say no because we’re all broke college kids,” said Austin Osuch, a member of Mushroom jam. “So this was like a good way to get everyone around music together for a good cause and especially our local community where definitely see that that’s a problem.”

The band thanked the neighborhood association for giving them permission to hold the concert at a local skate park.

“It’s going to be family-friendly as a condition of us putting up the show, we just have to keep all the music clean … If you want to bring your kids and don’t want them to hear foul music, that will not be played,” assured Parker Freeman, a Mushroom Jam band member.

The benefit concert is happening next Saturday, Oct. 15, from 3p.m. until 9 p.m. at Davis Street Park in Kalamazoo.

Mushroom Jam and several other West Michigan bands will be playing. Concert attendees are asked to bring either a canned food item or clothes.