KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Kalamazoo has added bicycle-specific traffic signals downtown.

The signals can be found along the new two-way bike track on Michigan Avenue, plus at the Westnedge Avenue and Park Street intersections at Michigan and Kalamazoo avenues.

“The bike signals function just like regular traffic signals but apply to bike traffic,” city traffic engineer Dennis Randolph explained in a statement. “Bicyclists should follow the bike traffic symbols and drivers should follow the traffic signal above their lane.”

The bike signals will turn green before the vehicle lanes, giving bicyclist more time to navigate intersections. After the bike signals turn red, the vehicle signals will turn green. The goal is to reduce the number of crashes by reducing “conflict points” in the intersection.

“Bicyclists and drivers are reminded that all road users are required to follow all signals and signs,” the city said in a release.

The city said it is continuing to tweak signal timing to keep traffic moving smoothly.