COMSTOCK CHARTER TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Responding to emergency calls in Comstock Charter Township just got a little more efficient.

The Comstock Fire and Rescue Department marked the arrival of two new fire engines Saturday with a special “Push In Ceremony.”

It’s part of a tradition that goes back more than a century but the department started doing it in 2017.

“We take tank water from the old engine and we spray it on the new engine. We wipe her down and push her in,” Deputy Chief Dave Wuis said.

Engines 911 and Engines 912 will replace the older model engines that were about 25 years old. The new equipment features life-saving upgrades that will benefit the fire department and those in need of help.

“We could basically put one guy in his gear or two people that was it and these (new engines) are four men cabs,” Wuis said. “It can deploy faster and we are able to safely get on scene and render aid.”

Wuis says it’s taken years to get the new engines and he assures the community it’s worth it.

“They’re not cheap and we are very grateful to the township for their support,” he said.

Engine 911 is expected to be in service next week. Engine 912 won’t be available for use until about two weeks as the department waits to receive some equipment for it.