KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Bronson Healthcare has a new travel staffing program that offers high pay for nurses who agree to work short contracts and move between its hospitals.

It’s going to work like an external travel nursing employment agency, Bronson said, which means it will have “premium pay” but limited benefits on a six-month contract.

“That market has changed quite a bit over the last couple of years, as we see people taking contracts even in region and not having to actually travel so far,” said Bronson Chief Nursing Officer Marla Atkinson, MSNRN.

Bronson’s website lists that pay as $70 per hour for day shifts and $90 per hour for night shifts. It says the nurses will work three 12-hour shifts per week and that those shifts will include weekends and holidays.

The nurses will work rotations lasting at least two weeks as needed at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital, Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo, Bronson LakeView Hospital in Paw Paw, Bronson South Haven Hospital and Bronson Commons Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center near Mattawan.

“When they take that contract, they make a pretty good amount of money for their flexibility of being outside of their normal environment,” Atkinson said. “Right now, it’s really important that we find some well-being for our staff, and so we’re looking for some creative ways to help support our staff.”

While they already partner with third-party agencies, Atkinson said creating their own travel program can help scheduling be more efficient.

“We’re looking to kind of keep them within our system and pull them to the Bronson system to help build our own pool of resources, so that we can better support staffing across the system,” Atkinson said.

“We believe this is an excellent opportunity for RNs who enjoy the variety of work experiences available through travel assignments, but also like the convenience of providing care within a single health system,” Denise Neely, senior vice president and chief nursing officer for Bronson Healthcare, said in a Monday statement. “Additionally, these positions are enticing for anyone who is interested in a higher base pay, while foregoing many traditional health and wellness benefits – perhaps nurses who are still eligible for health insurance under their parents or guardians, or those who already have coverage through a spouse’s employer.”

Bronson said it’s currently looking for medical and surgical nurses and critical care nurses to work nights, but Atkinson added that the list could be expanded later. Interested nurses can apply online.