KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — A repair to the water infrastructure has prompted a boil water advisory in Kalamazoo.

The advisory is in effect the following areas:

Greenlawn Avenue – From Dartmouth Street (western boundary) to Woodside Avenue (eastern boundary), both sides of the roadway.  Does not include the northwest corner of Greenlawn Avenue and Woodside Avenue.

Dartmouth Street – From Greenlawn Avenue (southern boundary) to Grand Avenue (northern boundary), both sides of the roadway.

Everyone in the affected area should boil their water for two minutes before consuming it. It’s safe to bathe in the water without boiling it.

Water main breaks cause a drop in pressure, which can allow bacteria to enter the system. The boil water advisory is precautionary; no bacteria had been found in the system as of Friday.

Authorities say tests confirming the water’s safety should be back soon. They expect to lift the advisory by Monday.