KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Two boil water advisories issued in Kalamazoo due to water infrastructure repair work has been lifted.

The advisories were issued Friday for the following locations:

  • Both sides of Charlotte Avenue from Sherwood Avenue to just north of Bridge Street. The advisory does not include the northwest and southwest corners of Sherwood and Charlotte.
  • Both sides of Dwight Avenue from Sherwood to Bridge Street. It does not include the northwest corner of Sherwood and Dwight.
  • Both sides of Hotop Avenue from Gilbert Avenue to Dwight Avenue. It does not include the northeast and southeast corners of Gilbert and Hotop.
  • Both sides of Bridge Street from Charlotte Avenue (western boundary) to Dwight Avenue (eastern boundary), both sides of the roadway.
  • 1403 Sherwood Avenue.
  • Both sides of Lorraine Avenue from Ferdon Road to Broadway Avenue. It does not include the northwest corner of Broadway Avenue and Lorraine Avenue.
  • 2807 and 2901 Ferdon Road.
  • 2720 Wellington Road.
  • 2822 Broadway Avenue.

The advisories have now been lifted, and water in that area is safe to consume, the city of Kalamazoo said in a Sunday release.