KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Come Monday, there won’t just be one sun returning to West Michigan. Bell’s Brewery’s iconic Oberon Ale and its smiling sunny label will be back in tap wells and store shelves.

The brewery will be promptly celebrating this year’s release of the American wheat ale at 10 a.m. Monday at its Eccentric Cafe in downtown Kalamazoo for Oberon Day. Multiple bars, live music, a tap trailer and craft tents for people to make their own Oberon-themed friendship bracelets are on the list.

Bell’s Event Manager Valerie Walters said the theme is “Camp Oberon,” which fittingly welcomes in the first taste of summer.

“With the American wheat ale, it just lends itself to some fun, sort of exciting things,” Walters said. “Also, the seasonality of it — the summer and the spring — that sort of citrus, that juiciness, and all those different things really lend to exploring other options too.”

With a yearly average of 20 million total pints served, the new batch of Bell’s second-best seller is ready to ship out.

“I think you have to make the heart miss it, right? You have to have the desire to want it,” Walters added. “It is really that nice, crisp beer where on a hot summer day on the beach, that’s what you’d like.”

At Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo on Monday, attendees will get to have some special tastes. Walters said there will be eight exclusive Oberon variants for them “to try if they dare,” including Creamsicle, peach Oberon, raspberry hibiscus and jalapeno pineapple.

“They’re not going to be market-wide, and they’re really special for the fans here in Kalamazoo and the wider Kalamazoo region,” Walters explained.

Seventy kegs are expected to be consumed at Eccentric Cafe alone on Monday. Multiple bars, live music, a tap trailer and craft tents will help raise a glass to an icon’s return.

“It’s all about saying goodbye to winter, hopefully, and saying hello to the sun,” said Walters.

From Monday on, the beer will be distributed until fall, usually around September.