COMSTOCK TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — We are coming to the end of Oberon season, a sad time for many beer lovers across West Michigan. Thankfully, Bell’s Brewery has a solution.

The brewery released a more fall-focused ale just in time for the new season: Oberon Eclipse. The new beer will be released in October and will be available in stores through March, giving fans of the citrus beverage something to enjoy during the traditional Oberon hiatus.

“Oberon Eclipse is kind of playing more into the ‘moon’ vibe, if you will. And featuring those darker color palates and is all about embracing the darker, cooler season,” Oberon brand manager Carly Davis said.  

Bell’s Brewery unveils the new Oberon Eclipse just in time for the end of Oberon season. (Bell’s Brewery)

The new beer is described as being a citrus wheat ale, though it will contain “warm notes of bright orange and cozy coriander.” It will have an ABV of 6.3%, which is higher than the original Oberon’s 5.8%.

“Fans have been demanding year-round Oberon for years now, so we love when we get a chance to give our fans – and our business partners – something they’ve been asking for,” Executive Vice President of Bell’s Brewery Carrie Yunker said in a statement.

To celebrate the new adult beverage, Bell’s will also host a release event in the Beer Garden and Back Room on Nov. 4. This will be in conjunction with Daylight Saving Time.