Treatment taking care of algae on Morrison Lake

Ionia County

BOSTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Officials say they have treated Morrison Lake for potentially harmful algae blooms and that the water is safe.

Last week, Ionia County health officials said a type of toxin that can cause harmful blooms had been found in the lake just south of I-96 near Clarksville.

A photo of Morrison Lake after test detected a toxin that a can produce a harmful algae bloom. (Aug. 21, 2019)
A photo of Morrison Lake after test detected a toxin that a can produce a harmful algae bloom. (Aug. 21, 2019)

On Sunday, signs posted around the lake showed the water was treated Friday morning with the algicide copper sulfate. A no-contact advisory was in effect for 24 hours after that.

“It looks like it’s clearing up pretty good. There’s a little bit of green on there, but (with) the hot summers, you usually get a little bit anyway,” neighbor John Philpott noted Sunday.

He often visits the lake with his son and grandson.

“I was kind of concerned. That’s why we came out. We wanted to see what it looked like and how the fish were doing. I didn’t see a whole bunch of dead fish or nothing,” he said.

Though the signs indicated the no-contact advisory was over, Philpott was unconvinced and kept his grandson away.

“He didn’t get in the water and he didn’t touch it,” he said. “We made sure of that.”

Homeowners along the lake got an email Thursday from the Morrison Lake Improvement Board saying that the most recent tests showed low toxin levels and informing them of the pending treatment.

“Yes, the water is safe. Yes,” Jim Cleary, who chairs the improvement board, told News 8 over the phone. “We now know through the scientific tests done on the samples that the level of toxicity was very low and below, way below, a contact levels of major concern.”

The Morrison Lake Improvement Board will meet Monday evening at the Campbell Township Offices to discuss a proposed special assessment that would renew a property tax increase for those with lake access, which Cleary says would send money to the board to manage the lake.

“Morrison Lake is on the state list of impaired lakes, which means that just naturally the lake has lots of issues,” Cleary noted.

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