LYONS, Mich. (WOOD) — Irate community members demanded Thursday that a cat be allowed to stay in the Lyons public library.

Lyons Township District Library Board of Directors decided last month that the cat, a stray before she moved into the library and became known as Aww Kitty, would have to go because patrons were complaining she was causing allergic reactions.

But at the board’s Thursday evening meeting, community members said they want Aww Kitty to remain in the stacks.

“Here we have a cat that’s been here for two and a half years and this cat has made a home of this place,” one commenter said.

Only one person spoke in favor of evicting Aww Kitty.

“If you’re going to tell me that you’re going to keep the cat in the library over people, I just disagree with that,” the commenter said.

The board said it would review the public comment from the meeting and resume the discussion next at its next meeting. The next scheduled meeting is Feb. 8, but the board may hold a special meeting on the matter before that.

Another home for Aww Kitty has already been found.