SARANAC, Mich. (WOOD) — A woman from Saranac spent her time in quarantine writing children’s books, saying it’s important that kids are informed about current events in a way they can understand.

Dawn Thompson says she has been a published author for five years. The pandemic inspired her to write about something new. Her two new books “Terrified of TV” and “Celebrate Diversity” are about issues she believes are important for kids to know about.

“Terrified of TV” talks about the kinds of things we’ve seen on television the past year during the pandemic. “Celebrate Diversity” teaches children to be accepting and loving of everyone around them.

Thompson says she hopes her books open a dialogue.

“I really hope that it starts conversations with parents and with teachers and helps children talk about the issues that they face in normal childhood life,” Thompson said.

Thompson’s books are available for purchase online through Amazon.