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PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) — The Kosovar prosecutors’ office on Tuesday said an ethnic Serb accused of killing ethnic Albanians in 1999 was arrested in Hungary.

A statement said the Serb man identified as S.S. was arrested in the Hungarian capital Budapest based on an international arrest warrant.

He is suspected that during March-May 1999 he took part in the killing of 33 ethnic Albanian civilians in the town of Peja, 85 kilometers (50 miles) west of the Kosovo capital of Pristina.

The statement does not say whether the Serb suspect has been extradited to Kosovo or is expected to.

Kosovo, a former province in Yugoslavia, declared independence from Serbia in 2008 after a bloody 1998-99 war that ended only with NATO intervention. More than 10,000 mainly ethnic Albanians were killed and more than 1,600 are still missing from the war.

Belgrade does not recognize Kosovo as an independent country.

The countries’ relations remain tense despite continuous mediation from the European Union on normalizing their ties.