GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The recent cyber attacks on home devices has many wondering what they can do to keep hackers out, especially when it comes to baby monitors, routers, and home surveillance cameras.

One website gives an unsettling look at unsecured cameras in Grand Rapids where anybody can see what’s going on inside people’s homes. For anyone who doesn’t want their camera feeds to show up on the site, the first step is to change the default password in your devices.

“If I were to click on any of these IP addresses, it would bring up configuration data for that device. These devices are much more able to be compromised,” explained John Hey, a security analyst with Trivalent Group.

Hey suggests that you not only change the password from the factory default, but make it something complicated and unique to that device, as opposed to re-using a password from another device.

He also recommends you have a professional install a firewall between your internet connection and all of your devices, and use WPA2+ encryption and SSID masking so that your router can’t be hacked. Another easy option, turn off your devices when you’re not using them. Hackers can more easily crack devices that are on 24 hours a day.