GAINES TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Carson Vis has waited for his moment to be South Christian’s starting quarterback. As a star receiver for the Sailors last year, he was set to make his first start under center last week, but the first Friday night of the high school football season was the same day as his brother’s wedding.

“I relayed to him, like ultimately that’s your decision. If family and being at the wedding needed to happen, then do that,” said South Christian head coach Danny Brown. “That’s more important than a game of football.”

Letting down his teammates for the season opener wasn’t an option, but neither was letting down his brother, Peyton Vis.

And Carson wasn’t just attending the wedding as a guest, he was the best man.

“In everything I did. I did want to be like Peyton,” said Carson in his best man speech. “Watching Peyton play sports in high school was one of my favorite things to do.”

It was obvious. If there was anyone that understood what it meant to win the starting role, it was Peyton. 

“That Monday, my brother texted me. He was like, ‘You know you can go to the game, whatever you want is fine with me,’ but I wanted to be there,” said Carson. “So I figured out a way I could give my speech and get to the game.”

Moments after delivering his speech to his newlywed brother and bride Sydney, Carson rushed to the stadium, arriving just 10 minutes before kickoff.

“I just ran up right to the gates and right into the lockeroom,” said Carson. 

But football is all about routine, and Carson was far from his typical game-day warm-up.

“He threw maybe three to four warmup passes, and of course we went on offense first. I was more worried about how he would handle that situation,” said Brown. “And he made that comment to me of ‘Hey coach, we’re good. We’re going to score here. That kind of eased [me]. It’s Carson. There’s something special about him. He’s good.”

Turns out, he didn’t need much of a warmup after all. Carson threw a touchdown pass on the opening drive of the game. 

“I just tried to be myself. My teammates were there too, trying to calm me down, letting me know they got me. So I was ready.”

Vis went on to throw six touchdown passes in a 66-42 win over Grand Rapids Christian.  

That, of course, wasn’t the only victory he celebrated that day.

“Just seeing my brother and my family and how happy they were. It was really cool,” said Carson.