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Zombies, documentaries, Gal Gadot and more

As the summer winds down, the temperature is not the only thing heating up this August. Netflix is releasing an exhilarating lineup of shows that feature everything from A-list actors to zombies. This month, you get Gal Gadot, Matthew Broderick, stories about the indefatigable drive of the human spirit, zombies and more. So turn on your television, fire up that soundbar and get ready to end the summer with this sizzling slate of sublime streaming fare.

The top August Netflix releases

Netflix is continuing its run as the must-subscribe streaming service this summer. Over the past couple of months, the impressive lineup has included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Hemsworth, Amy Schumer, Adam DeVine, Pierce Brosnan and more. And the momentum isn’t slowing down. Netflix has a bevy of blockbuster-sized content to keep you on the edge of your couch throughout the rest of the summer.

Mark Cavendish Never Enough promo photosrcset=" 160w, 256w, 320w, 640w, 876w" sizes="(max-width: 899px) 100vw, 876px"  Netflix

First up, it’s an unflinching look at the rise, the fall and the resurrection of cyclist Mark Cavendish. This 91-minute documentary releases on Aug. 2 and examines one driven man’s determination to never stop moving forward. With insight from Mark’s wife Peta, his teammates and his coaches, “Mark Cavendish: Never Enough” is the story of one of the most inspiring and unexpected comebacks in sporting history.

Zombieverse promo photosrcset=" 160w, 256w, 320w, 640w, 876w" sizes="(max-width: 899px) 100vw, 876px"  Netflix

Following in the shuffling footsteps of such South Korean masterpieces as “Kingdom,” “#Alive” and “All of Us Are Dead” comes a fresh addition to the hugely popular horror subgenre. Only this offering has an intriguing twist. On Aug. 8, the zombie apocalypse arrives in Seoul as an outrageously inventive reality series that is also part comedy. In this show, a group of desperate contestants must compete and succeed in a series of challenges in order to survive.

Next is Gal Gadot’s “Heart of Stone.” The action flick opens in theaters on Aug. 4, vying for attention against “The Meg 2: The Trench.” However, this tense film about superspy Rachel Stone will move to Netflix just seven days later on August 11. Stone is an undercover operative for the Charter, an organization that is so secret even other spy networks are unaware it exists.

a scene from "Painkiller"srcset=" 160w, 256w, 320w, 640w, 876w" sizes="(max-width: 899px) 100vw, 876px"  Netflix

On Aug. 10, the six-episode “Painkiller” series drops. It is a fictionalized retelling of events that takes a deep dive into some of the origins and aftermath of the opioid crisis in America. The limited series explores the perpetrators, victims and truth-seekers whose lives were dramatically affected by the invention of OxyContin. The series stars Uzo Aduba, Matthew Broderick, Taylor Kitsch, Dina Shihabi and West Duchovny

August Netflix releases

Aug. 1: “Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child” (documentary)

Aug. 2: “Mark Cavendish: Never Enough” (documentary)

Aug. 2: “Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food” (documentary)

Aug. 3: “Heartstopper!” Season 2 (romance/drama series)

Aug. 3: “Head to Head” (comedy/thriller)

Aug. 3: “Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead” (comedy/horror)

Aug. 8: “Untold: Johnny Football” (documentary)

Aug. 8: “Zombieverse” (horror/reality series)

Aug. 8: “The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh” Part 2 (anime)

Aug. 10: “Painkiller” (drama series)

Aug. 10: “Marry My Dead Body” (action/comedy)

Aug. 11: “Heart of Stone” (action)

Aug. 15: “Untold: Hall of Shame” Volume 3 (docuseries)

Aug. 17: “The Upshaws” Part 4 (comedy series)

Aug. 18: “The Monkey King” (animated/family)

Aug. 18: “Mask Girl” (thriller series)

Aug. 22: “Untold: Swamp Kings” (documentary)

Aug. 22: “Lighthouse” (talk show)

Aug. 31: “One Piece” (anime series)

Best ways to enjoy Netflix this July

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