GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If your New Year’s resolution was to start exercising more but you know you aren’t exactly motivated and don’t know what exercise speaks to you yet, the YMCA is ready to help you.

John Ybarra from the Y said we can get over the hurdles that are holding us back from making exercise a priority.

“I think the biggest thing is scheduling the time in our busy lives, making that personal commitment, putting it in your calendar and showing up,” Ybarra said. “I think that that personal investment, that this is your time and you own it and you get to spend that time with like-minded individuals makes it really easy to meet that commitment level and stick to it.”

Those people can also help you build a community and hold yourself accountable.

“I think that it’s not necessarily coming in and being motivated every time, it’s just showing up regularly. Whether you come to a class, whether you come for a cup of coffee and a walk on the track, those are all valuable,” he said. “It’s building that habit that really sets that commitment.”

The YMCA has choices, support teams and trainers to get you ready to make moving a part of your everyday life. There’s something for everybody, he assured new gymgoers, and reminded them not to be afraid to ask for guidance.

“I think coming and talking to one of our professionals is a great first step. You get to get an idea of what the YMCA has to offer, you get connected with those classes with someone that is very experienced in getting someone new or returning to fitness and connecting them with a place that they’re going to find success immediately,” he said. “There’s our strength training, there’s our group fitness classes. We have personal trainers, massage therapists, registered dieticians. We’ve got basketball courts. We’ve got all sorts of different activities, both for individuals as well as families that really can build that commitment and make this a positive habit for you.”

“Habit” is a keyword.

“I think that not putting that pressure on yourself but just looking to build the habit is the important piece,” Ybarra said. “When you’re really motivated, come take a class, do something you haven’t done. When that motivation isn’t necessarily there, if you’re tired, if you’re looking for a break, come for a cup of coffee, walk the track, grab a magazine, ride one of our exercise bikes, make it a habit. Set aside that time in your schedule. Commit to it and make it a regular thing, and I think you will find success in your 2023.”