BOSTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A metro Detroit woman who survived a deadly crash along I-96 in Ionia County two weeks ago is searching for her wedding band and engagement ring. The two pieces of jewelry were lost at Spectrum Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids.

Kathy Hasty, 68, soon realized she had lost her rings after being rushed to the hospital following the Aug. 9 crash, according to Stephanie Mikulski, Hasty’s daughter.

“They mean the support of people who loved her when she was younger, they mean the support of people who love her now,” said Mikulski. “They mean the world to her, you know.”

Family history, love and 42 years of commitment are just a few of the things that the rings symbolize for Hasty, according to her daughter.

“The engagement ring, even more so, because that was given to her by her grandma,” explained Mikulski. “And that was her grandmother’s engagement ring. … She and my grandma, my mom tells me, were really, really close.”

According to Michigan State Police, it was a chain-reaction crash that happened in the westbound lanes on I-96 near Boston Township, after a semi-truck failed to slow down for a traffic backup. It rear-ended a passenger car, shoving it into the median. The semi then hit a second semi. The driver of the first semi was thrown from the truck and airlifted to the hospital with critical injuries. The driver later died, according to MSP.

Hasty’s daughter said her mother suffered from multiple fractures, and is currently recovering in a rehab facility in metro Detroit.

“The blood pressure would tank whenever she tried to even be sat up,” said Mikulski. “She was nauseous and throwing up every day, and she had a big bleed in her pelvis.”

Mikulski said they believe her mother’s rings were misplaced after she took them off before a CT scan.

“They asked that her rings be removed for that,” she explained. “And so they gave some kind of like, like the little prescription-sized bottles …The rings went in those and it was set down upon either an end table, tray, bedside, something like that.”

The family says they are holding out hope — not only that their mother will make a full recovery, but that she will be reunited with those rings she loves so much.

“She is pulling through,” said Mikulski. “We’re chalking up to a miracle that she’s here, but that she’s still her, right? She is just putting her head down and doing the work … There is a lot of good out there. So even if this is a moment that came from an accident, or came from something that wasn’t good, humans are humans, and sometimes choices are made.”