GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Skies should be blue today if it weren’t for a concentration of elevated wildfire smoke sweeping over West Michigan from northwestern Canada.

The smoke will stay well elevated with none expected to mix down to the surface. If you are smelling smoke, it would most likely be from a nearby fireplace rather than the Canadian smoke settling to the surface. In fact, it is rare the smoke will drop below an elevation of 6,000 feet, according to high resolution forecast models.

Most of the smoke is being produced by fires in Saskatchewan and Alberta Canada. According to the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, there are 29 active wildfires in the province and 166 to date for the season. Upper-level winds are carrying the smoke in a wild path north, and then back south through the Great Lakes. Smoke is likely more concentrated today due to a cold front swinging through.

Smoke is forecast to exit West Michigan skies by Tuesday night, but second-hand smoke may be a reoccurring experience this summer. The previous two summers had several occurrences of elevated gray skies due to wildfire smoke from Canadian fires. This is the second day this month wildfire smoke has graced Lower Michigan’s skies.