GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A Grand Rapids marijuana dispensary is commissioning seven public art projects on the city’s West Side. It’s still waiting on final approval from the city.

The art will be displayed along Wealthy Street, beginning at Market Avenue and ending at Straight Avenue. Project leaders say they want it to showcase not only the history of the area but what’s going on right now.

“I think this is important because it helps tie this community back to its roots,” said project manager Lynée Wells. “We’re really trying to tie in the history, the culture, and nature into this work.”

The West Wealthy Beautification Project will include painting on two signal boxes, covering up a chain-link fence, and designing murals on the Pharmhouse Wellness marijuana dispensary. It’s all in hopes of enhancing the West Side of Grand Rapids.

“We decided that we wanted to invest in making that plan a reality,” said Wells.

Wells says themes will range from floral design to cultural heritage.

“We’re hoping that they find these pieces and the work and the effort that we put into this favorable,” said Wells.

The artists hope this will make the area a more desirable place for everyone to enjoy.

“The goal is to really raise awareness about the vibrancy of this corridor, to bring more color, more art to the corridor, and hopefully bring more people to this area to recognize the rich history that we have on the West Side,” said Wells.

Wells says they’re presenting to the Grand Rapids Arts Advisory Commission on Monday, then the city manager will have to sign off on the project.

They want to start painting by the end of July or early August.