GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Air Race Classic pits women of all ages and from all backgrounds against each other.

It was held June 21 through June 24. Forty-one teams competed this year and a West Michigan woman, Margaret Wint, came in 9th place. Wint is also the Ionia County Airport Assistant Manager.

“This is the fifth time I’ve raced and it gets better every time,” she said.

Wint and her co-pilot spent four days together during the race.

“Some people are diehards and they’re out for blood and other people are not. So you want somebody that you’re going to be good friends with because you’re spending the next four days with them,” said Wint.

The race makes stops in several cities. Wint said her favorite stop was Mt. Vernon because there were vegetables and fruit for her and her co-pilot to eat.

“I know that sounds like a crazy thing but when you get some place and all they have is cookies and candy and stuff like that, you’re going, ‘I really want something else,'” said Wint.

She said figuring out the weather and deciding what altitude to fly at is one of the most challenging parts of the race. She said she and her co-pilot were “totally flabbergasted” when they learned they placed in the top ten.

“When they called our name, we were like, ‘did they just call our name?'” she recalls.

Winter didn’t start flying until she was in her 40s. She gave it a try because she had friends who were interested in it.