GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan digital marketing expert is showcasing the power of artificial intelligence. The technology recently produced a book that has become a No. 1 new release on Amazon.

Chris Singel, founder and president of Delta Digital in East Grand Rapids, has been using technology since he was a child. So as the use of artificial intelligence has increased, naturally, it caught his attention.

“I think people are still hesitant to use it in their own content, especially businesses, but with my digital marketing agency I want to see what it can do to help people reach their ideal customers and frankly do less work so they can spend more time with their kids,” Singel said.

This week, Singel came up with the idea of a book on the technology titled “Think Like An AI”, but he wouldn’t author the book alone.

“I said what if I get an AI to write the whole thing? So I prompted it with can you give me a table of contents, and then I went down through the table of contents it provided me and had it write every section,” Singel said.

Using Google’s Bard AI Chatbot, the 40-page book was written in just 12 minutes, only requiring minor edits by Singel. It focuses on areas such as the history of AI and how can it be used in business.

“It has that flavor of being a business and marketing expert with some tangents off into, what are the ethics of AI? What does it look like long term? And how will this impact the rest of our lives?” Singel said.

In just two days’ time, “Think Like An AI” became #1 in the category of “45-Minute Computers & Technology Short Reads” on Amazon.

“I have not sold that many copies, I don’t want anyone hitting me up for money but it is interesting to see that just using AI you can quickly claim you’re a best-selling author all of a sudden,” Singel said.

Singel said humans and AI’s should collaborate, versus the tech replacing humans.

“My hope is that this allows robots to do the work and then people can do the more creative, fulfilling jobs,” Singel said.

He hopes the book inspires others to learn more about the blossoming technology.

“I do think if you have an idea you want to get out there, see what you can create with the help of AI, and then make it your own,” Singel said.

Singel also says the book has also increased his interest in writing a book on AI on his own.