GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A family continues to search for justice one year after losing a loved one to gun violence in Grand Rapids.

Terrell Tejeda-Woodard, 18, was killed in July 2022. His sister, Reyna Tejeda-Woodard, has been begging for answers since then.

A photo of Terrell Tejeda-Woodard, 18.

“We’re in shambles right now,” Reyna Tejeda-Woodard said.

Terrell Tejeda-Woodard was found shot to death in a yard around 4 a.m. on July 30, 2022.

It was near College Avenue NE between Curtis and Brenner streets, close where Terrell Tejeda-Woodard had been hanging out with friends.

“I think there were a lot of individuals that had seen him in the hours before he was killed,” Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom said. “They were coming and going from the area.”

Yet no one’s talking.

“Getting them to be truthful is the challenge we’ve had,” Winstrom said.

Prosecutors have charged one person in the case: Jermichael Brown Jr. Detectives said he gave them false information.

As far as charging someone with the murder, they’re not there yet.

“We’ve done quite a bit of leg work in this case but we’re not done,” Winstrom said.

Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker issued a statement to News 8 about the case:

“We have done everything legally we can do to investigate this case; we have followed up on leads, looked at all of the evidence, at this time we are at an impasse. We simply do not have enough evidence to file charges against anyone at this time, if there is additional information out there we will of course follow up on it.”

Family and police hope someone will talk soon.

“The adults in Grand Rapids need to step up talk to the children that they have influence in
their lives. Talk to them,” Winstrom said. “Explain what’s right from wrong. And part of what’s right is coming forward with information, cooperating with police and bringing some closure for this family.”

“You’re the key to figuring out what happened to my brother,” Reyna Tejeda-Woodard added. “You’re the key to making this better. We need your help.”

Even if you weren’t around Terrell Tejeda-Woodard the night he was killed, Winstrom said third-party information is also helpful.

If you don’t feel comfortable contacting police, you can leave an anonymous tip with Silent Observer.