GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Emergency rooms are reporting an uptick in weather-related injuries due to the snowstorm that battered West Michigan over the last two days.

Dr. Nick Kuhl, medical director for the emergency department at Spectrum Health, said the Grand Rapids-based hospital system has seen fewer overall patients coming into the ER since the storm hit, which isn’t surprising as most people stay home and take it easy due to the weather.

But he said of the patients that are coming in, many have injuries related to the weather. That includes car crashes and a couple cases of frostbite. Among the most common ailments is broken bones from slipping on snow and ice.

“Falls can be particularly traumatic. There are so many injuries that we see related to falls that do require emergency care, so be careful out there,” Kuhl said.

His favorite safety tip for staying on your feet is to “walk like a penguin.”

“It’s small steps, almost a shuffling gait (and) not moving quickly,” Kuhl said. “It helps keeps your center of gravity over your feet and for your body to be ready for any slippery patches you may encounter.”